Tuesday, September 09, 2008

UFacekit - Proposed as a Component under Platform/Incubator

So the news is out [Mailinglist, Newsgroups]. UFacekit is proposed as a Component under Platform/Incubator project (proposal). I think this is the right move for UFacekit to gather momentum towards our first release. If you want to support this move:
  1. Comment on the following newsgroup post from Boris

  2. Add yourself/company as an interested party on the proposal page
I'm currently working on the JavaDoc and for SWT/JFace a build should be available right after we moved the sources to foundations repositories, swiched namespaces, ... .


Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...

Cool, I hope UFace goes a long way to further improve the databinding work and stretch Eclipse technology into new and interesting places.

Cyril Lakech said...

Great news !!
I hope you will managed to be part of the Eclipse Platorm Community !
I need to find a data binding framework on a GWT project (GWT EXT)... please help me to use yours. Uface seems to be based on the JFace databinding ! How can we use your project ? I can't find any releases. I just can checkout the svn repo.

Their are many different framewoks dealing with GWT databinding... The best is hard to find ! Maybe the one, with the famous Angelo and Tom... ;-)

Tom said...

The Databinding-Stuff for GWT is not in good shape yet and I didn't had time because it really made me sad to see how MyGWT/GWT-Ext simply switched their Licenses.

The code once worked with a pre release for GWT and it is not really hard to implement Observables. So if someone has the time I could help you to get started. I've for now concentrated on SWT and Swing but the first release Scheduled for Q1-2009 will at least have Eclipse-Databinding and Bindings for GWT-Widgets.