Sunday, October 19, 2008

Update on UFacekit

UFacekit has a new source structure

We have restructured the repository to clearly separate our modules into:

  • proper:

    This holds stable and actively maintained modules - currently Swing and SWT implementations. Checking them out and compiling works always else it's a bug and someone is to blame.

  • incubation:

    This holds newly and not yet stable modules - currently our new brand new QT support is in there. Checking them out and compiling works most of the times it's not a bug!

  • dormant:

    This holds old modules currently not actively maintained and don't even compile. Sad enough our GWT ports are currently located there. Hopefully we are good to push them forwards once more in the next months. You are a GWT guru and want to help making the GWT port as stable as possible? Come and join us.

The layout is taken from the Apache-Jakrata project.

UFacekit has an QT-Port

I started 2 or 3 weeks ago a port which uses QT-Jambi to bind against QT-Widgets. There's no ufacekit API available but Viewer implementation and observables for some widgets are already available. I hope I can finish this work as soon as possible. Might be interesting what happens when we are moving the sources to Eclipse.

UFacekit has a build story

Having a stable build story is one of the most important things for OpenSource-Projects. Kenneth did amazing work on making UFacekit managed and build with maven. The repository now doesn't hold any IDE-specific settings any more everything is done by maven.
We are not using PDE-build or any Eclipse-specific things because this would interfere with an important UFacekit-target:
"improve adoption of Eclipse Core technologies (like Eclipse-Databinding) outside RCP and SWT (e.g. Swing, GWT, QT)". Having a build story relying on Eclipse would be a bad thing.

The process e.g. for the proper-modules is like this:

svn co
cd proper
cd org.ufacekit
mvn clean install
mvn eclipse:eclipse

Afterwards fire up eclipse and import the modules. Done. Kenneth you are my king.


Ismael Juma said...


Nice work. Have you configured the maven-eclipse-plugin to download sources by default? If not, mvn eclipse:eclipse -DdownloadSources might be better.


Cyril Lakech said...

A checkout in Eclipse with m2eclipse (or q4e ?) creates the .project, .classpath & .settings directory. Good job to remove this files. Theses files are errors sources i think, they must be ignored by svn.

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