Saturday, September 16, 2006

JFace and features not part of Eclipse

Today I sit down and thought it is time to provide features JFace won't provide (some of them are marked as later or are refused) in an own project named at.bestsolution.jface. Well 2 features I already had around somewhere in my workspaces:
  • TableViewer working with multiple instances of the same object
  • Dialog which could restore it's values because it's only hidden
All people interested in the work could as always fetch the sources from my companies SVN-Server. At the moment this plugin only depends on JFace but it's likely that this will change in future and org.eclipse.swt.nebula and at.bestsolution.jface32 will be added as dependencies. I haven't thoroughly tested because I never use it in my daily work so the QA is your part ;-)

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